Untitled: America

In the USA
the following is acceptable

A man’s last moment alive
groveling on the floor
of a hotel hallway
multiple killing machines
trained on him
following snarled orders
to crawl forward
keeping legs crossed
not to move
for life
his fatal mistake
an involuntary movement
to pull up his pants

The gun that killed him
inscribed with the words

This is acceptable
to the police
a jury
our government
and the court of public opinion
is not universally decrying
an obvious miscarriage
of justice
and basic humanity

There is something very wrong
at the most basic human level
in the USA
on this earth
and I don’t know how
to end this poem


  1. You verbalize what we all see - the difference between right and wrong. The value of life has depreciated in the last few decades. Atrocity has left us numb. I applaud the way you tackle the issue head on, even if none of us really knows what to say.

  2. This is so heart-wrenching, and you have addressed the issue so eloquently, Marian. 'an obvious miscarriage
    of justice and basic humanity'.. *shudder*

  3. I read those most disturbing news, and to me there is such fear in your country (and elsewhere too)... when really it should be simple. There are clear method to deescalate a situation... but I wonder why it's not followed...

  4. This is absolutely sickening. What is happening is very bad for the morale of the entire nation. It will result in an anxiety ridden population... Not good !

  5. I totally agree. Not an easy topic to write about. You did really well

  6. A most difficult subject but as poets, we cannot shy away from uncomfortable truths. You did excellently with this.

  7. an obvious miscarriage
    of justice and basic humanity

    The inscription clouds judgement. Agreed! It is mainly because human insistence was subjected to gamble and not given due respect. There has to be elements of decency


  8. The only way to end this poem is with outrage, disbelieve, disgust, screams... for the way humanity becomes less humane, for the horror that disguises itself as justice, for those who have to choose loss of dignity or loss of life even if there is no real choice. No, there is no way of ending this poem. Not yet...


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