Possibly the Fussiest of All

What will become
of the one whose
fear comes calling

First snowy day
blows away thoughts
of maybe not

Kitty prefers
to nap, stir not
she purrs all day

What about love
dreams made of clouds
above our hearts

The Real Toads are trying out a challenging and very fussy little form
called THAN BAUK in the Imaginary Garden. Yikes


  1. I think I would love to be a cat.... so very nice at times like this... winter has a weight.

  2. They work good chained this way like this, yours does. I pulled mine off as I had it wrong and rewrote it, completely new, in the form of your first chained poem posted with The Toads. That made it harder but it was fun writing.
    Thank you for the prompt.

  3. Good imagery. You wrapped the sleeping cat well within your words😊

  4. This is beautiful and works on so many levels! Winter is definitely the fussiest time of the year 💞

  5. I like the way you set it out, and the lightness of your touch makes a difficult form look easy.

  6. Funny/interesting... I wrote these each as separate thoughts, not as one chained poem but everyone is reading them all together. Oh to be a napping cat!!


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