Naming Conventions

It’s one thing
to create something
and give a name to your invention
like a newborn
or your favorite mojito recipe
but the human tendency
to explore and excavate
naming things once discovered
seems different
I’m not saying it’s easier
to travel through space
for the chance to name a star
or to discover
a new-to-us insect species
but maybe these things
already have names when we humans
come upon them I don’t know
I do know I've been discovering
a lot of new things myself lately
about human nature
at least as it plays out
in my universe over here
digging up previously unearthed
artifacts and gems
a few that scurried away
preferring to be unexamined
and one or two so bright
it was impossible to look at them
with my naked eye
but despite my obvious
human tendency toward curiosity
I feel reluctant
to name them

#29 (penultimate!) of 30 Poems In November to benefit Center For New Americans. Today’s theme is STARS.