Just Another Day in America, 2017

A politician
is found to be a pedophile,
raping children
as young as fourteen years,
and he is not condemned.
In fact, he continues
his campaign for public office
and might well win,
or because of
these allegations.

A company
that sells coffeemakers
pulls its advertising
from a program in which
the interviewer is sympathetic
to the pedophile politician.
throw their coffeemakers
to the ground in protest.
Their coffeemakers!
In support of a pedophile!

These are convoluted times.
It occurs to me
maybe we should follow suit
and take up machines
in resistance.
Coffeemakers and blenders,
electric drills, blow dryers,
backhoes, wood chippers
all pressed into service.
We’ll need a lot of chainsaws.

#13 of 30 Poems in November to benefit the Center for New Americans. Today’s theme is CHAINSAWS.