It Was As If A Spell Had Been Cast

The transformation
was fleeting but so magical
endless Saturday morning breezes
with no earthly obligations

A feeling of luxury underfoot
instead of threadbare wall-to-wall
0% bitterness in coffee and the sky
was three shades of pink

It felt like Hope
like truly anything could happen
the small things attracting notice
& appreciation came easily

It seemed crucial to act quickly
to preserve that hopeful feeling
almost immediately paired
with anticipation of impending loss

#9 of 30 Poems in November to benefit the Center for New Americans. Today’s theme is MAGIC.

The Center For New Americans provides free English classes for immigrants and refugees, as well as computer classes, reading and writing classes, tutoring, career coaching, and immigration legal services. This is why the kids and I are raising funds this month. Because we want immigrants and refugees in the USA to be welcomed and appreciated, not separated from their families and sent away. Enough is enough.