If Only This Were a Joke

This is worse
than the worst horror movie
he joked
and I agreed
applying concealer to dark circles
tugging sleeves over fresh bruises
this morning’s assault
only the most recent
in the unrelenting beat
of ghouls on ever-nasty parade
eliciting confessions
from survivors

Happy November! This is poem number ONE of 30 Poems in November to benefit the Center for New Americans. After taking last year off, and especially considering the ugly shenanigans of the current administration against immigrants here in the good ole USA, I am committing to this fundraiser once again this year.

AND! *drum roll* Both of my amazing kids are committing to completing 30 drawings in November! What?! This was their idea, and I am totally inspired. They have created a list of themes for each day to prompt and inspire drawing and writing. Today’s theme is (you guessed it) HALLOWEEN.

Most importantly, you can sponsor this mayhem with a donation of any amount. Enough is enough with the hate and vitriol--we will spread some love instead and help people to feel welcome and appreciated.

Thank you, friends. We can do this!


  1. What a wonderful cause you and your family have committed to. Hats off. And that poem is chilling. Will be following this through the month.

  2. A worthy cause Marian and you must be so proud of your children.
    And of your words: If only they were a joke...but the sentiments are real...
    Anna :o]

  3. Beautifully haunting! Such a noble cause you have committed to! Wish you the best, Marian! ❤️

  4. Yes, we are being haunted every day with that parade. Thanks for giving voice to that.

  5. May the words do the work... and reach those they are intended for.

  6. The on-going cycle of abuse is indeed a horror.

    Good luck on your endeavor.


  7. I hate that haunting parade that marches across my eyes and assaults my ears every waking hour. What a wonderful cause!!

  8. Good Luck with your good words doing good deeds

    much love

  9. Looking on how all the eroding of any morale capital from across the pond... it hurts. So does all abuse of power that I see around me... my awareness is increasing every day.

  10. This work son so many levels. I like how it took me four times to understand the perspective. A great write.

  11. Hats off to your and your all for the fundraising. Looking forward to reading some more of your fine poetry, thank you for sharing.


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