Going Home

One chicory flower
on the edge of asphalt
holds on to hopscotch
three bags of groceries
in a two-wheeled cart
dirt road to the feed mill
four houses down
three miniature poodles
     (I forget)
two lawn chairs
facing the train tracks
and one kid
picking iron ore pellets
for her slingshot

#3 of 30 Poems in November to benefit the Center for New Americans. Today’s theme is SIDEWALKS.

Also! Wrote a Flash 55 poem so I could jump into the fray over at Joy's Verse Escape. Grateful for the opportunity to play. Yay!


  1. The way you have embroidered this with numbers is so deft and effective, Marian--I feel life in all its complex connections, and a loneliness, too, despite them...I'm so chuffed you chose to play, and I hope you have a kickass weekend set to fire from your slingshot.

  2. This puts me way back to a different time and place. A nice time, with an ornery menace down by the train tracks.

  3. Walking, counting, and secreting stones for a slingshot...Sounds like a wonderful stroll.

  4. My favorite part was the not remembering the third dog's name!

  5. It reads like summer and growing up...

  6. Excellent! The (I forget) just elevates it to another level! Hopscotch seems to be the word of the day, used it in my post this morning!!

  7. Such gorgeous imagery in this, Marian!💞 I love "chicory flower on the edge of asphalt"..💞

  8. You convey a snap-like picture in words - one so fragile that it might have been missed had not the poet's eye captured it and committed it to paper.

  9. I see the sidewalk clearly--some of the things on it I would see daily and others make me know it is a smaller town than mine. Well done and kicked ass!


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