Down But Not (Yet) Out

One minute
you’re leaving the supermarket
balancing a satchel of groceries
and a pumpkin pie
the next you’re down
I mean all the way down
splayed on the concrete
accepting a much-older gentleman’s hand
to hoist back to your feet

In this moment you realize
maybe you’ve reached a new life stage
the falling-down-needing-help level
and it sinks in
that you’re no longer as strong
as you always thought you were
in fact you’d be totally useless
in the coming apocalypse
zombie or otherwise

You ponder this development
already in pain
from just this one episode
as you shakily limp away and drive
but also giving many thanks
because you didn’t hit your head
you didn’t break your hip
and most importantly
the pumpkin pie is unscathed

Argh! #22 of 30 Poems in November to benefit the Center for New Americans. Today’s theme is ZOMBIES.