Busman's Holiday

These days play
like the movie Groundhog Day
and not in cute and funny way
more of the same gut-wrenching
anxiety upon waking each day
assuming there’s been any sleep
today brings more weight to bear

Advice to look to the helpers
and helping others yourself helps
but there’s no escaping
that sinking sense of coming
catastrophe heavy responsibility
particularly inability to protect
children from the coming storm

It can’t be healthy
living this day after every day
but health wellbeing happiness
are no longer the American pursuit
just ideals we will remember fondly
charming artifacts from simpler times
if there’s any time for memories
in the new holiday season

Christmas at the White House, 2017

Well! *deep breath* THIS uplifting verse is #30 of 30 Poems in November to benefit the Center for New Americans! Today's theme is HOLIDAYS.

Thank you, dear readers, for cheering me on this month. Please take a moment to scroll around and read poems you might have missed this month. My kids also successfully finished their challenge to create 30 drawings each on the same themes. Amazing!

I hope my friends might also consider making a donation of any amount to Center for New Americans. Here is our fundraising page:


  1. I saw a show on Comedy Central last night about the President's Christmas and it was pretty funny. They did a bit about what his life would have been like without the million from his father, and in one scene he gets shoved into a cop car and they bang his head on the door frame. I died laughing. The man cannot be impeached soon enough, before he destroys everything with his vulgar idiocy.

    1. Yes, yes... and this morning (Saturday morning) we veer ever closer to the destruction of everything. Argh

  2. Marian, i share your anxiety, and i think of your beautiful children. And his base still thinks he is god's golden one. It is unbelievable. Dangerous delusion and derangement, ruling the world. God help us.


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