One Night in Paradise #MeToo

I have always thought
it could have been worse
and I was lucky
that night at my cozy cabin
when a drunk neighbor
married father of three
twice my size
let’s call him Bob
came through my gate
inside the stockade fence
onto my porch
slurring c’mon let me come in
gripping my arms pressing me
with his whole big body
against the side of the house
his mouth on my face
and neck
rocky stream only feet away
and far below
but somehow I objected
enough times and loudly enough
that he stopped
took off
and yes yes oh yes
that could have been a lot worse
but my little cabin
was less cozy after that
Spring Creek less comforting
realizing even then
this was not my first
impotent rage
nor would it be the last
and upon reflection
I am feeling a bit less lucky

Linking up with Paul’s prompt in the Imaginary Garden: AWHAPE ME!


  1. Consider me awhaped! I am not at all surprised by the number of #metoo posts I am seeing from females i know both family and friends. We can only hope that the visibility starts a conversation that leads to change.

  2. Ooh, Marian! I'm glad you managed to get rid of him but I can understand how the intrusion affected you afterwards. What a pity about your cosy cabin. Why should women put up with it?

  3. I had a similar experience years ago .. dark, middle of nowhere, alcohol a factor, left with bruises ~ emotional and external. #me too.

  4. A devastating fact how women has to change their ways of being for such men... so much can be wrecked with those mean acts, maybe he should be consider himself lucky that you didn't crush his balls.

  5. So many stories of men abusing women.

    I never knew.


  6. I'm glad she escaped. Many don't. But then the alcohol works against his prowess as well as lessening his inhibitions. Horrible too is that this episode will never be forgotten.

  7. Good that it took such a turn. Stay safe

    much love...

  8. I can only think there must be something in my cold green stare that has kept the predators at bay, but I feel lucky not to have been in such a situation.. but I know too many who have had to go through similar or worse ordeals. Is it the curse of our gender, or that socialization seems always to follow the path of least resistance, when no one wants to speak up or no one wants to hear the truth?

    Good topic for the poets among us to ponder.

  9. What a horrible thing to endure, and to keep inside. I've always thought that no being able to speak certain truths would make my insides rot.

  10. Unfortunately I am a #metoo also. Your poem is fierce in telling your ordeal and then realizing using the word lucky has lost its shamrock shine.

  11. Well done, Marian, and unfortunately timely.

  12. Maybe the the hope of this challenge is that #metoo will become an anachronism like awape me. But a lot of biology and Y chrromosome will have to go away, too. This poem is a sharply and shapely written to the current point -- that after such assaults one is never again safe enough. I have been drunk and demanding what I couldn't ask for sober so #metoo.

  13. Scratch any woman and you will find these stories. You took me right there, Marian, the adrenalin of trying to stave off the attack, the relief and terror at the narrow escape. Sigh. Thanks for this important poem. I had so many stories, I couldnt choose, so I wrote something general. Where to begin?


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