One Night in Paradise #MeToo

I have always thought
it could have been worse
and I was lucky
that night at my cozy cabin
when a drunk neighbor
married father of three
twice my size
let’s call him Bob
came through my gate
inside the stockade fence
onto my porch
slurring c’mon let me come in
gripping my arms pressing me
with his whole big body
against the side of the house
his mouth on my face
and neck
rocky stream only feet away
and far below
but somehow I objected
enough times and loudly enough
that he stopped
took off
and yes yes oh yes
that could have been a lot worse
but my little cabin
was less cozy after that
Spring Creek less comforting
realizing even then
this was not my first
impotent rage
nor would it be the last
and upon reflection
I am feeling a bit less lucky

Linking up with Paul’s prompt in the Imaginary Garden: AWHAPE ME!