I can feel myself retreating
into my own mind while wanting to tell
my friends I love them. I want to do nothing
but lie on the floor holding my kids in my arms
occasionally running off to bed with my husband.
I need to write but want to watch movies, read
a book but my body demands sleep. I want to drink
while sober, take a nap instead of exercise.
I’ll work hard but really want to quit my job,
resist yet surrender. Sparkle and glower. Holler
and whine. I want to run away but stay home.

For Sanaa's prompt in the Garden: OF INSOMNIA AND SLEEP


  1. love the pulls in all directions and the contradictions - a restless fitting poem for the prompt

  2. Insomnia does that to you, pulls you every which way but you can't make the choice. You've captured that feeling, Marian!

  3. what an effective craft of restlessness!!!

    much love...

  4. Oh Marian, this is soo beautiful and poignant it tugs directly at my heart as I can resonate with the fatigue you describe here.. sigh.. big hugs!! Thank you so much for participating!!❤️

  5. Excellent contrasting; the midnight ramblings within the sleepless mind?

  6. Bless you for taking us into this world

  7. Oh, YES. The contradictions in this. The title. WONDERFUL. Any given Thursday. Or any day of the week, really. Oh, our ambivalent hearts.

  8. I love poetry best when it reads this real... and this beautiful.

  9. Exactly... that's why we are stretched thin... contradictions. love and hate them.

  10. This outpouring of contradictions is just the thing that prevents us from sleep. You wrote this so well.

  11. Life is full of contradictions that choices as a consequence becomes a necessary distraction. Perhaps rendering it more interesting!



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