The News Cycle

News charges forward
like the kind of train
that encourages counting
while we wait
behind flashing barriers,
shelters all the hobos
and intellectuals,
expects us to keep up
despite its desperate rush
toward the damsel
approaching the tracks ahead,
anticipates everything
except the cunning of women
who have held too much
for long enough
and are done with all of it,
who are ready to wield power
like never before,
who are ready to strike out
and torque that train
right the hell off its tracks
before we have the chance to say
I think I read that somewhere,
maybe in yesterday’s news

Brendan asked the Real Toads to opine in verse about The News.


  1. From your mouth to the ears of all the wise wild women of the earth.

  2. Whoa. I've always felt that in some ways, the news was like the weather -- stuff guys talk about so they don't have to say anything heartfelt. It's clutter in the air which a real heart will wave off with a fist. You rest my case. Thank God the revolution won't be televised!

  3. I think i would feel safer with you at the helm... the train rushing towards an abyss is what I feel it is .

  4. Love it, Marian. Especially after watching "Mary Ann Cotton; serial killer" on PBS last night.

  5. Women need to grab that runaway train and turn it toward the present century again.

  6. Bring it on sisters...the sooner the better.

  7. "..women/who have held too much/for long enough/and are done with all of it," Feeling that one alright. Great visuals in this, Marian.

  8. Please, women of the world, step up and take over! I'll follow!

  9. I watch the train times all through the day because I don't want to miss a thing. The idea of stepping up and on with a country of women feels good.

  10. Love your words - bring it on indeed!
    Anna :o]

  11. Excellent! the pace and power of the message is so in keeping of the train motif. Pow!

  12. :Yesterday" is right. There was a time when news was not emotionally molded


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