View From a Bench

The waterfall
is so perfect and stately
inviting contemplation
about man-made edifices
the industrial age
and what this city was like
with the factories humming
workers working
and this park beckoning
with its waterfall
on the outskirts
I wonder
would I have loved you then

Day 4 of NaPoWriMo! Sharing on the Tuesday Platform


  1. An interesting question to pose at the finale and one that flips me away from the moment to some other time and place that is here but is not.

  2. Oh great last line! Nicely done!!!

  3. Luv the contrasts that time as wrought to modernization, and the sincerity of the poet in her contemplation

    much love...

  4. I love the way you turned the whole description around on the last line.. So much depends upon the exact time and place we are and who we happen to meet right then. I consider myself lucky that the modern era has forged new paths through time and space for all the amazing people who have come into my life.

    1. Kerry, your "so much depends" comment is so apt, because this poem was inspired by the movie Paterson which I know I keep yammering on about but still, the movie is about a guy named Paterson, in Paterson NJ, who writes poetry and reveres William Carlos Williams, who is from Paterson. :)
      I am taking on the project of writing poems inspired by scenes/images from the movie Paterson. Stay tuned!

    2. I definitely will. April has started off so well, the enthusiasm is catching.

  5. Sometimes think, we have lost a part of our soul, in the jungle of concrete and glass, we call, the modern world, in the way, it impact us, on how we view things.

  6. I could see the falls and the factories booming with workers and smoke flowing into the air. I spent many a day there as a child. The water was so dirty. Makes me wonder too.

  7. Oh Marian, this is so beautifully deep!❤️ I love how you pose the question 'I wonder would I have loved you then' at the end.. sigh.. it truly depends on the time and place.. and more importantly the kind of person we are at the time when love strikes. Beautifully penned.❤️

  8. The wondering of the last lines adds a wonderful depth to your words of contemplation. An excellent write.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  9. I immediately wanted to answer, 'Of course you would!' – you had me so engaged – while in the next moment realising, well maybe not ... a different reality....

    Now I have to track down that movie!

  10. This catches one by surprise. Then one is posed with your question. The freshness of it.

  11. Ha. The fact of the question implies an answer yes to me, somehow. Very clever and cleverly done! k.

  12. Liking your waterfall poem, Marian. I would hope I would be loved regardless of dufferent situations. That is IF we could find each other. Sometimes Mrs. Jim and I talk about "what ifs". A biggie is that I turned down two job moves, to Australia and another to Seychelles. Or if my prof would not have dismissed his class right after taking role. She was asked by my roommate to wait to see if I came to a function she was attending. I came there because my class had been dismissed so very early.

  13. beautiful calling out of the context. can the Great Falls of the Passaic ever exist without factories that don't make anything? before, during, or when there is naught left but a few tumbled bricks downstream... still the water falls.


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