This Song Goes to Eleven

If you
were set to music
you’d be the kind of song
I never forget,
the kind that stays
just under the surface
ready for humming,
the song I’m always happy to hear.
You are songs of my youth
but not really
because you are so very much your own song.
You are so new I have no way of imagining.
You are the song I turn on
through tears and laughter both,
heartbreaking and pleasing, seemingly
simple but endlessly complex.
You are perfection. You are my song.

Today is my daughter’s 11th birthday! Love!

And it’s NaPoWriMo Day 11! Sharing on the Tuesday Platform in the Imaginary Garden.


  1. Oh...just stunning. A precious gift for your lovely daughter

  2. I agree; what an amazing gift for your little girl ... a woman, just around the corner though. :) My oldest is 14. My younger two daughters are 9 and 7.

    I love your line breaks, telling me exactly how to read this aloud.

  3. Oh, just saw this on facebook and thought it was lovely – and enjoyed it here all over again.

  4. Perfect! This is how I feel about my son (who is also 11). Nicely done.

  5. Best song on the playlist! I'm working on a songs of my life playlist. There are so many but only about six that I consider life changing.

  6. Brilliant! They are each of them a song one cannot stop singing.

  7. Awww!❤️ This is soo beautiful, Marian

  8. Perfect tribute to your daughter, Marian. I wish I was the person in the poem, a person blessed very much by having the love of the writer.

  9. Happy birthday to your daughter, Marian! And sing, sing a song (all day long.)

  10. The kind of song i never forget..yes!!!

  11. happy birthday! what a love-filled pen :) ~

  12. Such a lovely gift....beautiful poem!

  13. What a beautiful gift for your daughter!


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