Take It or Leave It

It’s the nature of ultimatums.
If this, then that
or if not this, then another thing
determined by the issuer,
nothing else after.
Pondering this, I notice
now there is a crow
on the rosebush outside my kitchen window
that ordinarily hosts a circus of sparrows.
The sparrows have been gone all year.
I wonder
if the crow issued an ultimatum.
My way or the highway, stupid sparrows.
Maybe I am meant to take this occupation
as a sign. The crow prophesizes--
this will not end well.

NaPoWriMo Day 20! 
For Fireblossom’s prompt in the Imaginary Garden: CORVID AND SIT A WHILE


  1. Love the idea of crows issuing an ultimatum!

  2. Yes, I also love the crow ultimatum. Crow prophesy...uh oh

  3. Oh wow a crow prophesy! Love this, Marian ❤️

  4. Like the ultimatum, Mariam. Sounds like part of a contract. Leave, don't come back, and we'll pay. Mrs. Jim and I were walking the other day and came onto a leafless tree full of birds. They were all grackles except for one little dove sitting lower. I came closer to get a better picture, the birds left, all but the dove. After the others had gone the little bird hopped up to the top.

    1. What a gorgeous story, Jim. There must be some kind of moral there. :)

  5. A crow prophecy is portentous. Loved this poem.

  6. It may well be the crow is offering a glimpse into his/her world...but you need not follow ;)

  7. A crow after my own heart, and a fortune teller to boot.

  8. Ha! Watch out! Very vivid. Thanks, Marian. k.

  9. spooky sparrow hunters, they are ~

  10. Sounds like we're in for murder most fowl. (Sorry!)

  11. Excellent observations! Your poem is so well paced and leads the reader through a series of scenes, leaving one with much to ponder.


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