Refection on a Stop for Death

As you believed
the egregious Miss D
should have stopped for death--
Reminded me that dashes
as punctuation
were used by you for your own
nefarious purposes--
I understood your meaning
and expected you to snort.
No cat’s pajamas! No sirree!
You simply could not see it.
Reflected that one never knows
who might be a worshipper--
You forgave me, but never her--

NaNoWriMo Day 29! A poem for Brendan’s prompt in the Imaginary Garden: VOYAGE'S END
Crafted from the penultimate text conversation between me and a dear poet friend prior to his death-- his own voyage's end-- musing on-- well, you know--


  1. Miss D's dashes are sacrosanct, as is the conversation, second to last, with a friend who goes on before.

    We have almost made it to the final poem, sister poet! Woohoo!

  2. Is that the G-Man? doesn't matter -- whoops, sorry, soon I will be Captitalizing meanings I Shouldn't -- damn -- some Ds are merciful I suppose, but this is a voyage we have collectively been on for a long, long time. How wonderful to call out between the boats on the wind and the night certain to come. Our stripes may be more knowable to others than ourselves. That's why it's good to keep in touch, as in the Garden ...

    1. :) I didn't know G-Man, actually, only of him through friends here. This was a local friend and member of my poets group Florence Poets Society, who passed away unexpectedly a couple years back. He was a brilliant writer, a very helpful if sometimes harsh critic, and no fan of Emily--

  3. This get me thinking of other poets and punctuation, and also the lacking m-dash on key-boards.
    My favorite is he ellipsis though

    1. — I made that one on my Mac with shift/option/hyphen pressed simultaneously

  4. This is beautiful, Marian. There is so much emotion here.

    PS: i am so sorry to hear about your friend *hugs*

  5. Do you think some comfort was found... (sterling write)

  6. well, as the character in that Monty Python skit says, I'm not dead yet! though of the tribe of punctuation-eschewing potes (not poets, or pets mind you), perhaps I should soon be. ~

  7. Well, I am a fan of dashes myself--the intimacy of your friendship felt strongly here--thanks, Marian, for all your verve and flair, this month and always. k.

  8. I love the conversational tone........so sorry you lost your wonderful friend, Marian. Some lights flicker out too soon.

  9. Maybe good riddance? But he won't be forgotten. No cat's pajamas? My dad called Mom a flapper when she was younger. She dressed like one, but didn't most in the 20's?

  10. Dashes "save" me when I'm not sure of punctuation... I think Emily Dickinson used dashes - and if they are good enough for her, then they can work for me too :) It is so hard to lose a friend - the shock of the moment (of finding out) really never goes away...

  11. Sad to lose a friend, and good to recall lively conversations — even friendly disagreements (this one poignant in the light of his own mortality).

  12. I am a dot person myself. :) It is so hard to say goodbye to a friend. I live in re-runs for a while.


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