Rhythmic back-seat sway
& soft country music
lulls a small child
to drowsiness
while her parents talk up front.
Beams across the headliner
grow in intensity
awaking sleepy curiosity
so she shifts to look ahead
into the darkness.
White light eyes fly by
against the treeline
faster and faster until
in the distance a creature
with only one bright white eye
bears down on the family car.
Upon fearful questioning
Mama explains it’s a padiddle.
That sounds friendly enough,
but it looks really mean to her.

Late, but here is NaPoWriMo #28! For Rommy’s Boogeyman prompt in the Imaginary Garden. This is very much an incomplete draft. I got all wound up in this idea and couldn’t get my mind off it, but also I haven’t been able to satisfactorily express it in verse or come up with a conclusion. I need to put this aside for now and move on to the next prompt. Maybe after a bit I can come back and actualize what I was thinking about. Sigh!