Looking at the Sun

Some days, my body scarcely
remembers what it’s like
to run without dragging all
the contents of the house behind,
to enjoy a garden without
feeling compelled to pull weeds.

Look at that perfect sunflower,
not shy at all, always facing
the sun in quiet confrontation
as if to say don’t forget
there are creatures of this earth
magnificent as you.

Maybe I’ll swallow all its seeds,
sprout flowers from my eyes
like the most exotic lashes
aptly described with exclamations
like Wonder! or Light! or Lift!
or What You See Is What You Get!

NaPoWriMo Day 10! This is responsive to Margaret’s prompt in the Imaginary Garden: Poem Sketching. I made a word list from Mary Oliver’s poem "Beside the Waterfall," including these words: scarce, drag, body, flower, swallow, light, eyes. This seems like it needs a fourth stanza, but in the interest of April volume I’m leaving it for now.