I'm Not Dining Alone With You

You’re welcome here
though secretly I wish
you’d go away

I’ll sing you a party song
bright like calliope
but swollen with late-night
behind the tent darkness

You’ll ask why
I feel confident singing
a song full of rain

And I’ll explain
it’s the kind of strength
that comes from inviting
the enemy to dine

Extremely Close vs. Worlds Apart: Flash 55 for Real Toads & Day 2 of National Poetry Month.


  1. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

  2. Nice, Marian. You gave him poison?

  3. perhaps this is a solution to conflict - breaking bread with the enemy. In Ender's Game, the point is made that when you get to know your enemy, you come to love him.

  4. Woot!! This is soo fiery and charming!!

  5. Ooh, watch out. Very charming, I agree. I especially like the vividness of the second stanza, but they all have very original imagery. Thanks, Marian. k.

  6. I think I know what kind of song I would sing for a Cheeto if he sat at my table.


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