Confined Beauty

There are birds of prey
caged in the park
where after train rides
kids sought a sojourn in the tiny zoo
to commune with with goats and deer

And all kinds of birds: peafowl,
a dozen chickens and roosters,
barn owls, red-tailed hawks,
even two haggard bald eagles
separately enclosed

Talking with little ones
about raptors and hunting and flight
and injury requiring rehabilitation
hence the tags
and chain link fences

Several times we saw a wild hawk
scoping chipmunks
high above the hawk cage
in a cruel display
of freedom

We walked with toddlers
who were learning
about their space in the world
while peacocks
strutted their opulent plumage
in confinement

NaPoWriMo Day 24! 
Responding to Margaret’s prompt in the Imaginary Garden: BEAUTY

Also, it is the birthday of the Runaway Sentence! This girl turns seven today! Thank you, friends, for all these years of scribbling and blogging and support and fun. Love!