Broken Things

The washing machine broke,
wet towels piled in garbage bags
to be taken to the laundromat.
The cat is suspicious of this pile

and the rest of us are weary
of the entire situation.
Broke my tooth this week, too
so it’s next in line to be fixed.

New washing machine coming Friday.
You can only fix a washing machine
so many times before it’s just junk,
or maybe we gave up on it too soon.
The dentist will crown my tooth
and it will be better than it ever was.
Remember when our girl broke her arm
and then her leg, then her other arm?
Now she’s fine. Not broken at all.
How many times can stitches bust
and heal again, fuller than before,
threatening to tear newly sewn seams?

Because love’s like that. It snaps
and heals. Breaks, then all better again.
Don’t give up on this love too soon,
this fragile thing, this human condition.

NaPoWriMo Day 19! For Sanaa’s prompt in the Imaginary Garden, taking inspiration from wonderful poet CAROL ANN DUFFY