April the Fool

Only a fool would rise
not long before noon
on the first of April
greeted by new snow
pounding headache
deadlines at work
family obligations
daily news nightmares
all the pressures of living
yet exclaiming It’s April!
Let’s get going writing poems!
Swallow aspirin
drink coffee

April is National Poetry Month! Fool that I am, not sure I can manage a poem every day but let’s see what happens. This one is marginally responsive to Brendan's tarot prompt.
The Real Toads are hosting a new prompt every day in the Imaginary Garden to inspire the writing of poems. Please join us!


  1. Persist in this folly and you shall be wise! :)

  2. Drinking coffee sometimes helps me forget the part about the fool.

  3. The fool and I are partners. At least for today. I enjoyed reading this, Marian. But your end notes gave rise for concern. I hope things do get better for you soon. I think I've told you this before, but my old NASA boss, as he walked in and went down the isle of cubicles, would to tell us folk writing the mission reports, "Write faster."

  4. Do migraines count? Had one for two days, earlier this week. Will pass on the coffee, and workplace stress (those are killers), and family, I miss them, but not worth their abuse of me. Just do your best, that's all we can ask, of anyone, Marian.

  5. my head was *pounding* all afternoon and evening. but yes, this. cheers to the road, Marian ~

  6. Yes. We have to write don't we? Coffee works.

  7. I think not knowing how many poems may be written is more liberating than setting an unrealistic target.

  8. Oh yes.. that coffee works wonders for our muse ❤️

  9. Not long before noon, girl what migraine are you caboosing? Fool card reads in reverse too, the abyss of all that means I'm walking on sunshine. At least my migraine today sings thus.

  10. I quite drinking my beloved coffee years ago but still have an occasional cup. It's hard for me to believe many are still experiencing snow in April.

  11. Welcome aboard...ship of fools it seems...pass the asprin.

  12. Oh it is a topsy turvy world we now find ourselves living in. Perhaps being fools for poetry will be our silver lining.


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