American Sentences

Reflections on Easter Sunday morning:
The house is full of Easter chocolate, but I earnestly eat Grape Nuts.

Wind lifts the scent of backyard hyacinths wafting through muslin curtains.

Your hands feel so large on the small of my waist--please lift me to the sky--

NaPoWriMo Day 16! Trying on Ginsberg’s American Sentence as suggested by Kerry in the Imaginary Garden. This article is so fantastic, check it out: What Are American Sentences?

This is the kind of form that sneaks into my brain and can easily turn into a big-time bender. I’ll try to restrain myself but don’t be surprised if you see more of these from me!


  1. What better form for "Runaway Sentence"?
    This say so much about a special day with the family. I adore them.

    PS. Sorry about the link thing.. thought you might not be back until later.


    1. Rather hilarious, a race to fix the damn thing! xoxo

    2. I tend to act faster than I think sometimes.. hence the numerous typos. Ah, well.. I hope to see more of these from you.

  2. I enjoyed all three but my fvaourite has to be:
    'Wind lifts the scent of backyard hyacinths wafting through muslin curtains'.

  3. Awe, three is favorite, but I like how these sort of build off each other as triptych together. The singular self in the first, the larger natural world in the second, and then the self with others in the third. I realize you probably wrote them to stand on their own, but i like them together. Thanks for posting and viva la!

  4. I completely agree about this form. Addicting. I LOVE the third one, especially. But the culmination of your Easter morning is just wonderful.

  5. Alone or together they paint lovely moments (well, except for the Grape Nuts)

  6. i broke my tooth on Grape Nuts, so I say nuts to them. Granola, though...

  7. Oh this is soo lovely, Marian!❤️

  8. The first one shows real will-power! These are super.

  9. you make me smile. i too, eat Grape Nuts, earnest or not (i love them)

  10. These are nice, Marian. My vote is for the third 'sentence' because I like the personal action and emotion, the Senryū, type. Grape Nuts, I wasn't aware that they were still around!! (An aside, buy the half price candy tomorrow and stock up. I read today that the price of sugars should rise because we have an trade problem with Mexico from whom we are getting most of our sugars. Our agreement was to not accept refined sugar but our American companies have been getting it. Mexico's costs much, much less than what we can produce it for.)

  11. All blend together quite well. This was a perfect form for you!

  12. Yes, I love all of them, but the last one is my favorite.

  13. An ideal form! The less to write the more difficult it is!



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