This Week in Poetry, Math, and Remembering

World Poetry Day went by
without acknowledgement
   even to myself
but for that internal nod
           hello slacker
Instead I dreamed of budgets
       & spreadsheets
flipped through old photos
wondered what gaslighting means
             over black coffee

Mama Zen asked the Real Toads: “Think back over the past week. What have you observed that was odd, unusual, or just plain weird? Tell me about it in 60 words or less.”


  1. Gaslighting is trying to convince people that what they think is happening isnt happening.........Love the "hello slacker"........never mind, April will be here soon and you'll be working hard enough!

  2. or, to continue Sherry's definition, making the sane person think that they're the crazy one.

  3. (from the old movie with, I think, Charles Boyer, called "Gaslight."

  4. Wonderful, Marian. It slipped by me too. I'll check with Google. Does back-dating count?
    Our legislature is about to balance the state budget by 'gaslighting', now called 'Enron Accounting." This involves counting unpaid road funds from the old budget until the new is adopted and before paying those road bills. $2.6 Billion.

  5. I know the sting of my inner critic yelling slacker at me too. It's kind of rough to imagine there's a voice in your head looking to gaslight you too, though perhaps its better to say that voice is an amalgam of all the negative voices one has heard all their lives.

  6. I noticed that I missed World Poetry Day, too!

  7. I also missed WPD!! One of my students reminded me and I felt pretty dumb.

  8. World Poetry Day was mentioned over at the dVerse Poets Pub and there were some poems on Facebook, but nobody much noticed them among budgets,spreadsheets and fake news. The whole world is being gaslighted :(

  9. Ha.. I'm sure I didn't miss the WPD.

    Some great reminders... Can we spreadheet poetry?

  10. You'll make it up in April. All right, we'll make it up. I missed it too. *sigh*

  11. every day is WPD day - don't let others doubt your sanity given how well you juxtapose

  12. As a fellow slacker, I love this one.


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