At the Strip Mall

There is a fireplace at Panera Bread
suggesting a ski chalet
snow whipping out picture windows
sipping whiskey-infused toddies
Maybe that’s why writers come here
with their Moleskines and laptops
parking lot out plate glass windows
sipping coffee after coffee
checking their Facebook
for photos of friends on ski vacations

Time for the Tuesday Platform in the Imaginary Garden


  1. sipping on the heat, craving more warmth, time out on a ski vacation sounds goods
    Warm wishes

    much love...

  2. Your answered one of those questions my subconscious had been considering for years...

    1. Um... I'm pretty sure the word "poem" was stolen from between "Your" and "answered". I'm blaming it on internet goblins... or lack of tea.

  3. What will happen to the world of literature when all writers become hooked on facebook...
    The whole concept of a moleskin notebook is probably fast approaching anachronism.

  4. Facebook is one to blame I guess.. there are so many people on it that I sometimes wonder how their site holds up!

  5. I have so many notebooks that I never use... and so much to check on facebook... thankful for having my blog instead.

  6. Love those themed fast food places, Marian. Thanks for writing of them. I always bring my laptop along with my little granddaughter and the Mrs. Some times I compose, others I read. For sure digest the Houston Chronicle. Facebook? Depends on my mood.

  7. It's all so faux ... a feed you can find anywhere in the suburban kudzu that covers us. Tastes great, less filling.

  8. What a scene you painted

  9. Depressing reality in an age with a dearth of imagination. Do these writers ever stare into the distance engage with magic and just dream?

  10. So true... Too many hands are empty penned. We saturate ourselves with artificial and complain nothing is real.


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