Nine (and Counting)

Sundown shoveling
packing troubles
at the approved hour
Plow pushes worries aside
in hegemonic heaves
Dig the heavy shit
at the end of the drive
a different tomorrow
if only we had chosen
a warmer climate
Still we persist
tossing memories aside
This stitch in time saves
and we’re shoveling

For Magaly’s prompt to the Real Toads: RECYCLE A SAYING 
(A stitch in time saves nine.)


  1. ...and continue shoveling, we shall.

  2. Hi Marian ~~ I believe this one is 'true Marian' this morning. Nicely portrayed mess. I remember the three winters back when I lived in Manchester, NH. Even when no more snow fell overnight if we were ahead of the plows, there would be a couple of feet pile at the driveway's end. We have a nice house for sale fifty miles north of Houston, TX. On top of a hill, backing onto a golf course, with no fences in sight. Best school district in Montgomery County, better than any of Houston's. Entice you? Doesn't snow.

  3. A piece full of speculation and might-have beens.. what can we do but keep shovelling?
    I really admire the way you included the sayings, very original.

  4. Luv the "hegemonous heaves" image

    Much love...

  5. Ah.. we've been saved from shoveling a while.. and every morning the sun rises a but earlier.

  6. well, it's sunny here, but flocking expensive as hell. and the only flocking is on fake xmas trees...

  7. Oh this is soo riveting.. I m in awe of your closing lines especially!!

  8. We contemplated and we are enjoying the warmth ... :)


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