Listening to an Interview with the Filmmaker

After the introduction,
the listing of accomplishments and accolades,
thanks for being here and thanks for having me,
and a short clip from the film,
the first question was asked
about inspiration,
the director took a heavy breath
as if to signal the weight of his response,
and then the audio cut out.
A message read “temporarily unavailable”
and no amount of clicking returned his voice
to my waiting ears.
So I opened my notebook and wrote about it
and felt glad.

Sharing on the Tuesday Platform in the Imaginary Garden


  1. Interesting how the writing in the notebook takes this everyday audio disaster to a different level...

  2. Love this!! The way your words swirl, their cadence, depth and flair for emotion never ceases to amaze me ❤️

  3. Frustrating cliffhanger. At least you got a good poem out of it. It made me smile.

  4. Censorship? Beware the Ides of March. Is the pen still a mighty instrument? Is the writing written insude a sealed cave still a writing? At any rate the writer feels better, thoughts ...
    I don't have time to write for today but I'll dig my archives for Peace. Probably no peace symbol except for my broken kneecap, I'll live the rest of my life with it...

  5. That is quite some pregnant pause.. anticipation unsatisfied. Yet it turned into something else, a thought, a poem.

  6. But we can see where yours came from! Inspiration strikes at all hours, day or night. Where's my damn pen???

  7. This left me thinking... maybe it's being hungry that makes us write the better... at least you know where your inspiration came from

  8. Making the most from it is being clever at switching one's concentration to something else that is relevant! Great!


  9. Lovely irony! I think we have to temporarily unavailable from the everyday world in order to 'hear 'our inspirations. (And I kinda thought that was what you were pointing to, too.)

  10. Love the way you turned a glitch into an ironic poem!

  11. Coincidence or was there more to it - that's life

  12. Reading this feels so natural, a lovely poem

    Much love...

  13. Without his input, you collected your own independent thoughts. Rather like commenting before reading those of anyone else. I always feel glad when I write in my notebook. Thanks!


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