in the din of inhumanity
about women and doctors and workers
who deserve to be gunned down
families who are turned away
to certain death in plastic boats
because they threaten our way of life
there's so much to protect here
cheap electronics
plastic shit and freedom fries
the right to be gunned down by cops
or lunatics
each one is somebody's hero
I'm speechless
retreating for solace in a book of verse
remembering how naively I thought
our children would enjoy more freedoms
I don't know what else to write

I wrote this poem last year and it was published in Silkworm 9: Revolution (the annual review of Florence Poets Society). The photo of refugees in a plastic boat was included in an op-ed by CT Senator Chris Murphy found HERE. He says, "Trump’s Muslim ban is a moral abomination. It is fundamentally un-American. And it is dangerous--it will give life back to the terrorist movement and eventually get Americans killed."


  1. Solemn, and thought provoking read.

  2. I feel this poem, which is even more relevant today. Yes, we thought freedom would continue on, as a basic tenet of our North American belief system. I NEVER expected this stuff to be happening in North America. I cant believe other legislators are knuckling under instead of standing strong against the threat, which is now within, in the highest office in the land. Too reminiscent of the 30's for this old bird. Everyone allowed Hitler to rule, in just this way.

  3. Freedom fries, what a great remainder of the reason for the refugees

  4. Congratulstions, Sherry. Im honored to have had on-line elbiw rubbing with you. Im glad your subtheme is "Are you sure you want to be here now? Our country has big troubles and is getting worse." Their answer will be "We will try. We think it is the 'Land of Oportumity.'"

  5. Your last 3 lines say it all for me.

  6. Hear, hear! You give such a solemn and powerful voice to the current situation prevailing in our world!

  7. The lines "there's so much to protect here
    cheap electronics
    plastic shit and freedom fries"

    are delivered almost like a slap to the face. I agree that some slapping may be needed so that we come to our senses.

  8. I am so sorry this has happened. If it is any consolation I live at the bottom of the world and it makes no difference...you cannot escape the toxic events...it is affecting all of us.To think a shadow can be cast this wide.


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