So the longest darkest night
already came and went
the lowest Fahrenheit mark
accomplished last year
sooty depths of insecurity
experienced under a waxing moon
in a long-ago bone season
so we don’t have to worry anymore

File them all away
alongside the giddiest infatuation
scatterings of September chicory
sweet balsamic on the tongue
baby-milk breath
dust suspended in long sienna rays
all just under the surface
for retrieving in discomfiting times

Sharing with the Real Toads on the Tuesday Platform, typically late but at least I wrote something! *cheer*


  1. happy festivus, Marian. solstice - the true beginning of the new year, eh? I've had quite enough of the solar hard-pressed date of jan 1, and say we bring back the moon-based fluidity that matches the actual earth. ~

  2. Don't we wish, Marian! We have escaped this one, 60's lows and mid 70's highs.

  3. Such an optimistic view, and good advice to save something of summer for the longest night.

  4. Yay, always wonderful to read you, kiddo. This is beautifully written.

  5. I know we've passed solstice earlier today... I already feel light returning. Somewhere there is light after all.

  6. so nice that you have something so sweet to retrieve in discomfiting times. and i do love a good discomfiting time:) as much as the sweet memory. ying and yang

  7. Our psyches are geared to the solstice metronome, augmenting and dessicating, inwarding and outwarding, loving and losing. You hold the memory of the other so clearly ("dust suspended in sienna rays," o yes), almost like a brave candle all the way through and past the freezing depth-death of winter. Now for the airing of the grievances!

  8. You are one of my favorite superheroes. Beautiful.

  9. The memories of the small, sweet things of the past can help us go forward, even when we know there is just cause to worry.

  10. Goddamn, I wish I had written this one.


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