Reading in Emily's House

I was privileged to read my poems for an audience in Emily Dickinson’s house last night.

Yes, that Emily Dickinson.

Still pinching myself this morning. Which resulted in this:

And this:

So much love for my Florence Poets Society comrades.

Thank you to the Emily Dickinson Museum for the opportunity to read.

And much love to wonderful poet and friend Maggie Butler, from whom I received quite a shock (as I thought she was across the ocean from Amherst, at home in Dublin) and several hugs.


  1. Gahhh!!!!

    I wish I had been there to hear/see/hug you too.

  2. That is so cool. I want to do that! Or at least you've inspired me to want to visit the museum, which is in my home state.

  3. How nice, Marian! Not everyday one is given that recognition. Well done Ma'am!



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