Hot Water

that poem in the trash
the one that makes your lip curl
like it actually stinks
rancid words radiating
off you so intensely
just from spending a little time
with that damn poem
that you’re compelled to strip down
and launder its words
in hot water
which is where that poem came from

Flash 55 Plus for Real Toads!


  1. Clever! I have a trash can with a few of these....

  2. "the one that makes your lip curl" haha, I've had my share of those.

  3. Ha, but I can't believe you ever wrote one like that!

  4. Funny, I call that 'delete!' How delightfully clever.

  5. Please don't let him throw it to the ether, Marian. Save it for a rainy day, it may look better.
    Funny, but I have a little read blog, called" ." The title and header read:
    "me, old blogs never read, and . . .
    I'm a saver, meaning I don't throw things away. I just put stuff in boxes or sacks until I might want it again. That's what this site is all about. Disclaimer: Much here is not my original writing, a lot is humorous email I've been sent. I don't copy any jokes here from magazines or books. Please let me know if you know or are the original author by leaving a comment as such. I will check it out and delete the suspect article or give you credit if I can verify your claim. It's your call."

    I notice it was last updated in 2014. You could make you one like mine, just to put things written not presently liked. Or appreciated.

  6. Ha... I feel that I should have read this before linking up... rancid words indeed. I immediately thought of the rot I tend to feel my black words with... I promise I will try to refrain from using gangrene at least.

  7. Oh! Yes, I too have deleted so many of my poem and my habit is that I delete them permanently, so there is no trace left. But ,Sometimes I wonder why I did so:(.

  8. garbage in, plunk!!!
    LOL, nice write, who would have thunk such a poem on Tuesday

    much love...

  9. Now, now.. let's not be too harsh with our poor weak brain-children..

  10. Oh ha! Yes, there are those that just need to hit the trash bin. Quite right! In fact, I just put a bunch in the recycling yesterday. Thanks for the laugh. :-)

  11. No, I see this as a keeper.

  12. Revisited, I think the bad poem is allegorical for bad habits or speech (swearing and vulgar, boasting, etc.) and other undesirables. We vow to stop, clean up, yet vows are broken every moment.

  13. I call those unfinished poems, poetry litter. At times I release those soiled words, mud splattered by my reaction to the world around me. Frankly it feels good.


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