Forgive Me

But I am not finished thanking Anita Hill.

I remember standing in the student lounge
in a crowd
my first year of law school.
I remember her suit,
her posture,
her clear voice,
the wave of heat flooding my face
as I thought that's what it’s called?

I remember the wave of shame,
and righteous indignation.
I remember my senator,
Arlen Specter,
who interrogated her and mocked her.
They confirmed him anyway,
threw her away.

She was disposable,
as I had been.
I remember being young and bright,
just out of college,
but I was disposable,
used and thrown away for another's pleasure.
Oh, Thurgood Marshall,
that was the year of my going crazy.

Re-worked and reprised older poem that seems topical. I think it’s new and improved! Am sharing with the Real Toads on the Tuesday Platform... on Wednesday, naturally.


  1. This mix of appreciation and a sad outcome is heavy.

  2. I had to google the name, but upon reading the issue, I understand exactly where you are coming from. Powerful message.

  3. I remember the Anita Hill hearings. Powerful stuff.

  4. Love the entry title and first line. A powerful expression. I think she started something even though it was a sacrifice.

  5. Drove me so crazy also. It was horrible. Thanks for raising; we're still going through it--no need to ask for forgiveness! (Ha.) Well done. k.

  6. I'm not happy with this situation, Marian. I had similar problems with age, it was a mid-life change for me. I ended up teaching law and business and haven't regretted being out of the rat race.

  7. Even living in a different country. I was very aware of her and the injustices done. Never happened to me, but of course did to so many whose experiences never came to public attention. It is good that it is not forgotten, nor allowed to be forgotten.


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