A Girl's Life

A girl’s life
     is lived
        in clouds
           like mountains
         behind mountains
  in browns
         behind reds
                used to be
  on rungs
atop stairs
  to catwalks
      run by dogs
      hands up
                  her skirts
                      her mouth


  1. Hi Marian ~ Thanks for this poem tody. A few more verses and you'd have your own Dylan song, I can hear him singing it now. Thank you, I might sing it today also. I think she is a nice girl finding hard times. (Besides Dylan, Janis Joplin was my other hero--She had her Mercedes, you know, while I had a '62 cloth-topped Beatle.)

  2. Very nicely done, Marian.. I liked the change of mood at the end.

  3. Oh I started off seeing this dreamy girl, and it was a shock - as it is to the girl - when those hands come groping.........what's that quote, it isnt safe for a girl child in a world of men.

  4. This is exactly why you sometimes have to apology on behalf of all men... alas there are others bragging what they do.

  5. This was masterful - it took me completely by surprise. Well done!

  6. I like the imagery of layers seen and unseen. Nice work.

  7. Such a twist! Quite shocking but so true.

  8. like mountains

    behind mountains......... love that and the big sock in the stomach that follows.

  9. Love the visual aspect to this -- fits what you're displaying here so well. Not shocking to me, which is the danger of our society today -- such behaviour becomes commonplace when it shouldn't be. I wish for that girl to keep her dreams & adventures -- despite such men --

  10. A girl's life, full of rude awakenings. Great writing!

  11. I love how the structure of the poem stair steps down to the harsh reality of a girl's life. High to low.


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