Rocket Ships

Rocket ships
are exciting
but so are roses
on a birthday.
      -- Leonard Nimoy
Roses deliver
but so does a chicory spray
by a toddler

Diamonds excite
but so do love songs
scrawled in chalk
across blackboard sky

Love's lyric
needs no byline
when adorned with adjectives
tattooed above the heart

The etymology
of our love affair
can be traced from the air
like cropmarks

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek original series! This is cause for celebration at my house. I wrote this poem a couple years ago, I think before Leonard Nimoy passed away. It is published in my most recent book, Heart Container. Live long and prosper!


  1. Marian this is pure and wonderful voyaging - especially like the chicory spray

  2. This is wonderful.. to go from the spectacular to the down-to earth, from fantasy to reality.. yes we need them both... Love how you worked from the quote.

  3. Wonderfully true, Marian, and you have two beautiful Trekkers to prove it.

  4. Beautiful..The cosmos as close as a heart.

  5. Beautiful..The cosmos as close as a heart.

  6. May you live long and prosper, Marian. Did you know, the next Star Trek series is being filmed, in Toronto, for the first time, outside of the US? As for you poem, I loved the first stanza, as you left to clean up, the mess. Thanks for the historical note, about the original series.

    1. I didn't realize that... and it will be wonderful to watch, I am sure! I really enjoy the new cast. Saw the 3rd movie 3 times already! #nerd

  7. Very worthy of publication, Marian. I lresonate with every verse but the second and fourth are special. The second, sorry, my iPad isn't copying this one, "scrawled on the chalkboard" as teachers get anonymous notes in the corners of theirs. The fourth, skews the reader from thinking that ordinary love is very predictable. This ones etymology suggests that where it leads is willy-nilly as witnessed by its utterly random registration. Nice, nice, nice.

    1. The second reminds me of the "School Days" song, "You wrote on my slate, 'I love you, Joe.'"

    2. When we were a couple of kids... :)

  8. Gorgeous poem. I agree about the simple things... the dozen roses pale in comparison to the little handful of fresh-picked chicory! Both have their charms, but it's about the effort.

    Leonard Nimoy was my big crush when I was younger. Had no time for Shatner, lol. Lex and I both love Star Trek, and that was indeed a day to celebrate! Thanks for stopping by, Marian. Peace, Amy

  9. I have some FB acquaintances who spent time acting on ST, including the inimitable Tucker Smallwood.

    If only that inclusiveness was more ingrained among those in that generation... ~

  10. Delicious, Marian! My heart beats for those tattooed adjectives.


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