When a space opens
in your heart
myriad soul-squatters

rush to occupy
Sorrow’s muse deploys
a kitten-topped roomba

spreading distraction
to every corner
No room for reflecting

when every imagining
is an exercise
in deft deflection

Hiding in shadows
real memories hole up
joined by assessments

in emotional siege
It’s no wonder
you are easily convinced

of an alternate world
with dusk-brimmed battles
waged behind your eyes

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  1. I think that is pretty much what I've been experiencing just lately!

  2. Know them well, Marian. It's scary, ...

    I wasn't looking for a wife
    when Mrs. Jim then came along
    My heart hole has never opened
    again, I hope it never does

    But, ... The list is long for that spot
    should powers that are dismay, succumb

  3. Your poem has a quality of both dreaming and aching, that space where your heart is empty and your soul hurt. The shadows, sorrows and "dusk-brimmed battles" are real, and poignant. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Whoosh! From opening lines to that final flourish... So so true!

  5. "Myriad soul-squatters"! What a great description.

  6. Wonderful wordplay and wistfulness, walking together easy as a Sunday stroll. Marvelous stuff.

  7. I wouldn't mind an alternate world so much or a kitten-topped roomba! (Very funny) Though allergic to cats and easily confused so maybe should stay as is. Clever and evocative. Thanks, Marian! I so enjoy seeing your picture and pics of your kids on FB. k.

  8. Once it is opened and then closed again it stays that way when the two hearts are meant for each other. It remains closed to any other distractions from then on! Rightly so Marian!


  9. Pretty apt description for distraction's romp

    Much love...

  10. Th alternate world is good deterioratio from real world, we all have that world, I guess.

  11. I'm closing all spaces and just roomba-ing by myself in the kitchen:)


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