The Roar Sessions

Tickled & quite humbled that a little missive by yours truly is included in the tremendous cacophony that is THE ROAR SESSIONS, curated by Poet, Promptress, & Coach Jena Schwartz. Read it here:
"The Roar Sessions: Using My Words" by Marian Kent


  1. I am proud to read these words of yours, Marian. Proud to know you and to have spent many years reading your poetry.
    (PS. 50 is not so bad - much the same as 45 and not nearly as daunting as 30.)

    1. Thank you, Kerry. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox right back to you!
      I am mostly okay with 50, I guess. I don't know, it just seems so crazy, it's an adjustment. 30 was a big celebration for me! 50 doesn't feel like that. But I'm a big girl and will be fine. :)


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