The Color of Goodbye

The happy chartreuse
of early spring on Mt. Tom
I missed this year
while not paying attention.

Your moan
yearning forward in many shades
of red, then blue,
then bloodiest-red again.

Everything vaguely
distressed Polaroid
through rose sunglasses.

Mourning doves,
oatmeal with honey,
when your eyes look green.

Sharing with The Tuesday Platform in the Imaginary Garden today.


  1. For my mother it was sepia, now we have upgraded our faded memories to Polaroid.. The next generation will not know about fading the same way.

  2. Love this use of color to paint with words. Now everything is coming up buttercup yellow here.

  3. Such a pretty poem... so colorful... and a hint of regret

  4. I love the title, and the way colours become part of emotion and memory in your lines.

  5. Wonderful - an inspired write, Mosk

  6. It's interesting, how we associated particular colours, to certain events, in our lives. For me, it's various shades of blues, whether or not, these events are tragic, to me.

  7. I'm too in love with this to think clearly. But I see the green in those eyes:)

  8. A beautiful way to encapsulate the goodbye.

  9. I like the way you missed the goodbye of the chartreuse. Like when we had a going away party for Joe, who went into the Army. But he was gone before the party, we celebrated without him. (Other story is the buddy who missed his own funeral. For real.)
    I got hung up on the moon, misread your lines, "Your moan yearning forward in many shades," As "Your moon ..." That was nice too, made it more abstract.

  10. Farewells have no proper language, or can only be sung like this: so far, so dear.

  11. Splashed with color....I especially love your closing stanza.


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