Spring Clairvoyance

He said
about April
what anybody would say
about such a month
that it breeds color
to beat back shadows
scent to tempt
even the most staid merchant
   to hooky
That is what April does
and we all know it
Why else songs
celebrating winter’s end
in the muddy throes of April
Why else a new sign
ignoring an otherwise
portentous horoscope
in favor of new bloom
Only in April
is lilac-breath acceptable
even encouraged
So when he says April
   is for lovers
April carries my tune
   in its gut
I shall wait until then
   to sow my seeds
it is April’s garden
of which he sings
We all know the words
and sing along

Poem #12 for April, for Angie’s prompt to the Real Toads using a word list from The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot.
I’ve been so sick! Seems I’m turning a corner and starting to feel better, but catching up to produce 30 poems in April? We shall see.