Once I Was Ten Years Old

Once I was ten years old
and you are ten now
such a big girl now
It’s wrong
to call you big girl
you’re a young woman now
I don’t remember now
if I felt like a woman
when I was ten years old
but you grew up fast
You had to grow up fast
I think I grew up fast
but wanted youth to last
for you
Soon I’ll be 50 years old
Never thought I’d be so old
Don’t wanna be so old
Once I was ten years old
and you are ten now
I hope you keep playing
even as you’re aging
I don’t remember playing
Please, please keep on playing
I want to play with you
Can I play with you?
Let’s play

Number 11 in April, for this week’s Tuesday Platform, a quick (and somber, sorry) riff on Lukas Graham’s song 7 Years as presented by Kerry. I’m behind in my April madness! Am soooo sick, lost a whole day to bed yesterday, and was already behind, but I’ll catch up! 

*cough* *sniff* *sneeze*


  1. Oh this is wonderful Marian ... love how you used the song, and just remember to keep playing.

  2. This speaks for so many of us. We see the ages pass in our children (and the first 10 years go a lot slower than the second, I can tell you). Yes, we need to slow down and play.

  3. Time is such a slip sliding mystery... play I think is key to a life worth living, no matter how young or old we are. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I'm right with you on this. Hope you feel better soon, Marian!

  5. This is exactly perfect. Loved the insistent verses, just wonderful.

  6. Like a pleading voice desperately wanting to keep the essence of a child's play alive - especially noticeable in the closing lines.


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