Once I Was Ten Years Old

Once I was ten years old
and you are ten now
such a big girl now
It’s wrong
to call you big girl
you’re a young woman now
I don’t remember now
if I felt like a woman
when I was ten years old
but you grew up fast
You had to grow up fast
I think I grew up fast
but wanted youth to last
for you
Soon I’ll be 50 years old
Never thought I’d be so old
Don’t wanna be so old
Once I was ten years old
and you are ten now
I hope you keep playing
even as you’re aging
I don’t remember playing
Please, please keep on playing
I want to play with you
Can I play with you?
Let’s play

Number 11 in April, for this week’s Tuesday Platform, a quick (and somber, sorry) riff on Lukas Graham’s song 7 Years as presented by Kerry. I’m behind in my April madness! Am soooo sick, lost a whole day to bed yesterday, and was already behind, but I’ll catch up! 

*cough* *sniff* *sneeze*