If We Are Not Careful

Soon comes
the implosion
when distance
finally digests itself
secreting apprehension
like so much fertilizer
and I will be left
looking back
tending the fragile thing
that once
(or was it a dream)
was a firecracker

Photo by Karin Gustafson

Lucky (?) #13 in April, for Karin’s prompt to the Real Toads: REMAINS OF THIS MONTH

Editing to add this little haiku I scribbled last night and promptly forgot. You know, it helps with my goal for April!
wild, wild Friday night
new battery in her book-light
finds her own delight


  1. There are some remains we should be careful to touch.. like something sore of explosive...

  2. Oh...geesh...this image gave me the creeps. You really brought a vivid story to it...great work, Marian!

  3. you germinated a stunning ekphrastic poem from that really creepy image

    much love...

  4. This is just great, Marian. The ending and the lack of punctuation other than parentheticals so powerful. The actual image is by someone named bel-- something. Hedgewitch would know as she posted the true photo on her fb once. I just saw it at met-- thanks. K.

  5. The sense of something broken that suggests its wholeness almost more vividly than something whole could do--an ambiguity that drives perception, and a very sharp poem to frame it, Marian. That photo is terrifying..

  6. I agree, this is an incredibly written ekphrastic poem.. kudos!!

    Lots of love,

  7. Such an interesting and unnerving piece. You have taken the concrete to the level of the abstract in an altogether admirable way.

  8. and I will be left looking back......... great job with a startling picture.

  9. Oh wow! "looking back, tending the fragile thing that once...was a firecracker." Right where I am at, my friend. So well expressed.

  10. I am having a lot of trouble commenting on blogs. But I just wanted to say from your implosions to firecrackers to "tending the fragile thing"--that juxtaposition IS FANTASTIC

  11. when distance finally digests itself...Wow! It is hard to take care of the pieces..There are times I wonder if I was ever whole.

  12. Some remains shouldn't be unearthed... not if we aren't ready for the boom.

  13. The warning is indeed to be taken, your poem creates (to me) a person afraid of being broken and searching for an answer.

  14. I love that last line -- it surprised me!

  15. I'm adoring that little haiku! Are you spying on me?

  16. Interesting how you converted what is generally regarded as explosive - firecracker - into implosive energy. A clever piece of writing.

  17. The self is burbling alembic, for sure, and vessel sometimes looks in hindisght like a toidy. That ribbing aside, you go right into what the heart does, turning experience into soul. Mythologizing the mess. Emerson hated what books had become. In the hand, he said, a book should be a ball of fire.

  18. Oooh...wow....this little piece of poetry packs a punch!


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