Couldn't Find You Even If I Tried

I knew you
under a pseudonym
eventually I lost you
to the hills of Virginia
I think
you went by Alice Paul
but that won’t help me now
Last time we spoke
you looked around my room
and said you kept
expecting a cat underfoot
I said you’re so right

#8 in April! For Sherry’s prompt to the Real Toads: SUFFRAGETTES


  1. I'm intrigued by the cat that should be there but isn't!

  2. I have lost people too, online, who suddenly disappeared. It seems she was prophetic about the cat. Smiles.

  3. Makes me think of Brian, too ~

  4. Haunting and nostalgic. Somehow the intensely personal becomes universal, perhaps because you convey the feeling so well (and so un-melodramatically).

  5. This is absolutely exquisite :D

  6. Too often, people just drift out of our virtual worlds - no trail. And all because this world is virtual, doesn't mean we don't feel some human connection. I think of Paisley, Rinkly Rimes and Brian - all once big poetic voices.

  7. We are getting to that age when it is too late to find old friends we lost along the way. Names and people change. As for those we have met on the internet, I cherish everything they gave me, at the time I needed it most, and I don't forget that. (And I hope I am never lost to you.)

    This was semi-sweet, friend.

  8. Your comments are so interesting! The person about whom I write was in my life far, far before the internet, but used a different name in real life. (And sometimes Alice Paul.) But of course now it's obvious that you all might react this way... yes, those virtual friends, real virtual friends, sometimes disappear as well. I saw Grapeling's comment and was all what? Who's Brian? But Gemma helps... I didn't know that Brian or any of those folks disappeared. Maybe I disappeared to them when I became exclusively a Toad. So interesting to think about! Thank you, friends, for making me search this morning.

    Also Kerry fuggettabouddit no losing! xo


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