Really Put My Foot In It This Time

Cut off my own feet. My whole left foot and just the front of my right sat on the table. Toes wiggled on their own. Still walked around without much trouble. Panicked when I thought I lost one, but soon found it in a pile of papers and magazines. Then realized I would be required to see a doctor to get it reattached, and experienced much anxiety about how I would explain

to amputate
my own feet

What? Sharing at The Tuesday Platform in the Imaginary Garden.


  1. Must be a dream. Or Science Fiction. I love that it is off beat.

  2. I love the spirit of those, wiggling on their own.......

  3. I'll be honest and say that haibun is not my favourite form, but you just made it fun!

    1. Agree! I never tried one before and am not really a fan. Somehow this presented itself like this, so I figured, heck why not.

  4. Love the word play in this Marian!

  5. I love the surreal feel in this.

  6. At first I thought, Marian had been gone a long time. Then it became more like a dream. Weird one. I have a fairly sharp machete knive if that would work. It was my dad's horse hoof trimming blade. We used a hammer to cut through. I think a wild swing would sever a foot. :)

  7. Ha.. This sounds like a nightmare indeed. But it could work as a metaphor as well.

  8. Sounds like your dreams don't like stiletto heels. I had the same problem with my ass the other night.


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