Constant Companion

The cat jumps up into my lap
and settles in. Good morning,
all is cozy here in the kitchen
under pattering rain. She purrs
like a mourning dove, grips
my thigh with gentle claws,
cocks her head back to gaze
at me through half-closed eyes.

It’s as if we two were all
either of us needed now, always.
I rise for more coffee, my cat
at my bosom, rock her like a baby.


  1. I can relate to this moment so very well. I love the gentleness of your description and the way the speaker realizes a fundamental truth between cups of coffee.

  2. You make me want to have a cat... such wonderful moments you can have.

  3. This is so lovely and peaceful.

  4. Yes, that's how life was with my first cat, Laurie.

  5. this is really cute.

    somehow, when i think of cozy, cuddly places....there's always a lazy, sleeping kitty inside that picture in my mind.

  6. Ah. So sweet-- though I am terribly allergic--ha! K.

  7. I have two cats. They give me such comfort, joy...Love your reflection about yours.

  8. Anything constant and companiable these days is priceless, and you tender that perfectly. I have calico boon companion who's always (here). For this time.

  9. my cat at my bosom,
    rock her like a baby

    Moments like this that tell us that one can never be lonely even alone in the house. And they are more adorable that some people who sometimes happen to be around.



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