I am different in my life
and I don’t know how.

What do I do?
All the banks are closed right now
but I need to know
and I am different.

How do I fit in?
How do I get out of this place?

Original verses sung by my daughter when she was perhaps six years old, scribbled down by me and forgotten, recently unearthed. Perfect.


  1. Wow, another soulful writer on her way. So wonderful. At first I thought it was yours and was thinking I feel the same way. Even more amazing, the wisdom of being six.

    1. The part about the banks being closed cracks me up. But wow, I can remember hearing her sing this one day, a few years ago now, and being just blown away by what she was expressing. I had to scribble it down and stuck it in a drawer, not wanting her to realize I was listening so intently. So glad now that I did!


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