Untitled, 11-18-15

turning autumn
to technicolor
don’t provide shade
against atrocity

Staring directly
at the sun
only burns
the memory of violence
on my retinas

No amount
of hippie peace music
drowns out
the wails of war

Fleece can’t warm
this November

My children
are listening

There’s no avoiding


  1. No matter how peace-loving a person may be, there is no escaping atrocity in this decade. And how does one explain it to the children?

    1. Interesting conversations over here for sure.

  2. Absolutely... Children are going to have big questions...everywhere.

  3. Nice write, Marian. Too bad the perpetrators won't appreciate it, or Hippie music. The children must be mortified in their dreams, wondering if their heads might be next.

  4. I have children who have lots of questions about the world we live in and some days its just so hard to answer them.

  5. When our children are listening it is up to us to teach and explain the truths that are real, not always the so called truths that are told.

  6. These times are darker than I can ever remember... and it's so very very close now.

  7. Oh my God, that's what makes it even worse. The children are listening. They must wonder what the hell? I especially like "No amount of hippie peace music drowns out the wails of war". Brilliant synopsis of our current reality, Marian.

  8. My children
    are listening

    They were listening before and they took great pains to be exemplary. Now, they might not even listen and if forced,might take issue with parents. They ask questions and demand immediate answers and smirk when parents appeared cornered. Incisive write Marian!


  9. I remember my 8-year-old (as he was at that time) seeing horrific TV reports of the Vietnam War before I could censor them. 'It can't be true!' he said indignantly, 'The Australians would never do that!' It was a very bad moment to have to explain that we not only might but probably did.

  10. It is such a scary time we live in. I try to cast out the net of peace. Who am I if I don't try? There are certainly no rose colored glasses for this November.

  11. Those shades were never better than providing the illusion of distance. Raw events burn all the way through 'em.

  12. Explaining to children the monstrosity adults are capable of is the most difficult thing in the world. A relevant topic and well written.


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