Gripping the sides
of the plastic boat,
tight in her father’s arms
for now, a little one looks up
and prays that the crescent moon
should toss down an anchor,
signalling land.
The same crescent moon
is spied by my daughter
through her bedroom window,
high above the backyard maple,
upon which to make
a young girl’s fervent wish
before I tuck her in.
Goodnight, moon.

#16 of 30 Poems in November to benefit Center for New Americans.


  1. Heartrending, Marian. I used to feel the same way, tucking my babies into their fluffy blankets, and thinking of all the children, not even very far away, whose bedtimes were so very different.

  2. An inspired and grateful baby remembers the bright and lighted moon just before falling asleep.Less likelihood of a disturbed sleep! Wonderful lines Marian!


  3. I often think about how individual histories all play out under the same moon.. that two little girls should have such different stories is heart-breaking, especially as children are made the unwitting victims of adults' inability to exist together peaceably.

  4. makes me think of the refugees, risking all. oh, that the moon could throw down an anchor!

  5. The moon is always neutral, but I would hope it could be a mirror from one little girl to the other... those at sea need the warmth the most.

  6. how effective to incorporate the children's book at the end

  7. Loved the cinematic elements of this. Wonderful.

  8. I love the two sides of the moon~ Life is like this and you captured the worry and the wonder~
    Well done

  9. Damn. That is incredible. So much said so gently I love it!

  10. Fear and dreams look upon the same moon. It is heartbreaking.

  11. A mother's love is the refuge for both daughters at the far ends of this tale, and we pray it will always be enough.

  12. The worlds between these two wishes are heart wrenching. May the first girl find a safe harbor so all the rest of her wishes will be just the ordinary stuff of childhood.

  13. The same moon witnesses all the events of life. This poem could inspire an interesting painting. Enjoyed!


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