Monday Morning Breaks

Morning breaks on crooked arm,
From dreams I resist sun.
(Wake, wake, you slugabed,
Work needs to be done.)

Very greatly, lassitude
Tethers me to bed.
(But without your work-a-day
Children won’t be fed.)

In a slumber well intact
Fortunes visit me.
(To collar me in dream-land
They beg on bended knee.)

Sleep-dismissing day and work,
Spirits drag me down.
(You’ve no use for daylight.
Sink, sink and drown.)

Last-ditch fury, roil the quilts
Of my tender sleep.
(May as well stop fighting.
Laugh, laugh the deep.)

#23 of 30 Poems in November to benefit Center for New Americans, styled after a poem titled "In Arcady" by William Cosmo Monkhouse (1840-1901).


  1. A wonderful piece, dreamy and vivid.

  2. "But without your work-a-day, children wont be fed." Arising with a cackle is a good approach.

  3. I didn't want to get up this morning either.

  4. very candid write, though you have put so much fun into the writing. takes me back to my pre retirement years

    have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  5. There are those mornings... especially when sleet are pounding windows.

  6. I'm going to read this to my husband. Hee hee.

  7. Love the sing song conversation here.

  8. I like your Cat Stevens type opening. And I love the sluggard admonishments. Modern Proverbs.
    Why don't I think of these ways?
    . .

  9. So that's what the sleepyhead folk were singing when Day tore me up from Night!

  10. Like the way the poem flows with the lines in parentheses...

  11. The call of the bed is strong and loud!

  12. Morning is not my friend anymore. You describe so well the urge to remain in bed, but I love how you ended it...."laugh"


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