How Am I Supposed to Write With This Going On

Kitty in my lap
wriggles & shimmies
head-butts & kneads
kisses with a cold wet nose
wags her tail
settles down & round again
gives me that look
LOVE ME for crying out loud

MEOW! What am I supposed to do? I'm meowing this as #17 of 30 Poems in November to benefit Center for New Americans.


  1. Super charming, Marian! Keep it up! You are managing to write exactly like this with all going on. K.

  2. Sounds like the perfect time for a break from writing to give that kitty love.

  3. Ha! My dog does a periodic head butt to the elbow. It's a wonder everything I write doesn't look like laz'ka';sjouga ''. Then again, maybe that would be an improvement.

  4. I love it!! How our animals dislike our Time In the Chair staring into the screen. LOL.

  5. Too wonderful! I loved this and want to remind you that there's a time to write and a time to experience what to write about.


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