Halo's Source

Pad silent on starry cushions
like the entire sidereal system
favors your waking from numinous
dreams. At this hour shadows
bounce from streetlights
through straggling branches
super-refracted & yeah
that can be freaky. But Mama
listens & don’t forget the sun’s
on your side in the cosmic
revolution so be patient
remember your moonlight dancing
half-light reflection
boardwalk moonbow
that’s all it’ll take


  1. I love the triumphant tone of this. The second half has a great rhythm that picks up speed.

  2. This brings a ''makes you want to be there" feeling. Good job, Marian. I hear of the "Mama listens ... the sun’s on your side in the cosmic ... your moonlight dancing ..." from my daughter who is married to a fellow from Trinidad. His mother is like that too. The parties do get to going good at midnight, many have marimba music and the likes. His mother, though really not aging very well, is like your 'listening Mama."
    "A" has done his share of good as a New American, mostly in the field of education. Love his British accent.

    1. BTW, they met in college back in 1978 or '79.

  3. Mama listens! I read it as advice to a scared boy....

  4. I really like the way you allow the third long sentence to take us all the way home.

  5. I am literally swooning right now..❤️ this is gorgeously penned!!

  6. "The sun's on your side in a cosmic revolution"....how I love this. Hope for the children!

  7. Made me think of Thin Lizzy's 'Dancing in the Moonlight'

  8. moonbow - lots of lovely images here!


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